About Chaos FC

Chaos FC founded in 2015 in Southeast Michigan. We focus on training our players to become quality players while gaining lifelong lessons and experiences. We are committed to developing strong relationships with our players, families, and community businesses and organizations. Our mission is to create the best possible soccer experience for every player, regardless of skill level.

Chaos FC is striving to be viewed as the model for player development throughout the state. No other club offers a more comprehensive training curriculum for players of every age and at every level. An experienced, dedicated professional coaching staff has created a club environment that develops confident, capable, and passionate young athletes. We are continuing to grow and develop winning teams over time, without compromising our beliefs and values.

Questions or Comments

Chaos FC welcomes your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to contact our Director of Coaching, David White, with any questions or comments about club coaching staff, programs, policies, or procedures. If there are any suggestions or improvements that you would like to see added or revised, don’t hesitate to provide your input by contacting us.